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Issue with guided access

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Hard to write a catchy title for this one. Sorry about that. So, here's the problem: I have a monitoring app, that is supposed to run 24/7 on a wired iPad in guided access mode, user interactions are a rare thing, it's about watching a live trace of heart rates and such. This has been working OK for the last couple of months. But recently I have received reports, that the iPads screen turns black after about an hour, and the iPad has to be manually "turned on" again. Then the app is back and everything is OK. This leads to two questions:

  1. Is anyone aware of changes in iOS auto lock behavior since iOS 12?
  2. Can an app trigger an event to make iOS think there has been user interaction and it should not lock the screen?


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Thanks, good to know.

I use AutoLock to avoid fastly Off After 20sec, but Thanks Good I have very likely user interactions within 20min.


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