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Nathan Wild

Capturing Console Output

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I thought I remembered seeing a component or library in the GetIt repo that was devoted to running console commands and capturing their output?  It was called "DOSBox" or something along those lines?  I can not seem to find anything there now, or online.  Am I crazy or does something like this already exist?

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9 hours ago, Dale M said:



Never used it, but this is probably the one you are thinking of since it is available via GetIt. So you're not crazy. Well...maybe if you use GetIt... 😀

Thanks!  This is exactly what I recalled seeing.  It is not in MY GetIt though?  I suppose you are right, not sure why I even bothered with GetIt!?  Either way, the solution that David pointed me to, above will work nicely.



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5 minutes ago, Fr0sT.Brutal said:

AFAIK Jedi has this feature as well

Read the StackOverflow post David linked to.

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