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Google will support HTTP/3 on QUIC in Chrome brwoser.


Is there any Delphi library that support QUIC?



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Ah, well here's the interesting thing... Google, who started QUIC as a HTTP/3 proposed successor, kind-of passed it on to that standards body (is it WHATWG? or W3C, I forget en should look it up), and there it kind of took a turn so that QUIC would be more of a kind of like a successor to TCP+TLS but not really but yes really, especially to have HTTP over QUIC instead of TCP+TLS, and have that be HTTP/3 so that you would still have multiplexed streams, but the multiplexing is really done by the layer that does the packet re-ordering that was previously locked in the TCP protocol... So a QUIC library in Delphi? Yes I would like that, but it's quite a big task: it requires crypto by design, sadly enough, so yes it would be nice to see that in future OpenSSL/LibreSSL releases, especially because I've also read that there are parts of the congestion avoidance algorithms that are easy to get wrong or lingering bugs with, as you would need to test them on elaborate networking laboratory set-ups to have then duty-tested and benchmarked... let alone certified for fitness for production... So I'm willing to wait a little.

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Clouldfare supports QUIC/HTTP/3 now, so it's not just Google and has published speed comparisons. https://blog.cloudflare.com/http-3-vs-http-2/


We don;t expect any problem updating ICS to support OpenSSL 3.0, but won't do it until the API is stable with the first beta release in a month or two.  OpenSSL plans QUIC/HTTP/3 for the release after 3.0, six to 12 months away.   Hard to know how hard it will be to implement in ICS, but we'll certainly have a go. 


Supporting LibreSSL in ICS is possible, the API interface library is designed to support different OpenSSL versions dynamically, the main issue is LibreSSL has 'improved' some of the OpenSSL APIs, many macros are now function calls instead (good thing),  So quite a lot of effort required to support LibreSSL with no obvious improvements to end user applications, 

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RFC 9114 for HTTP/3, aka QUIC/UDP has only just been released.  Earlier versions of QUIC are supported in various browsers, but are really only beneficial for complex web pages with
hundreds of elements, not sure how relevant to the users of ICS, no-one has ever asked for HTTP/2.  


There is a fork of OpenSSL by Google, Microsoft and Akamai supporting QUIC, but the committee did not like the design and refused to merge it, instead starting a fresh QUIC design:


No specific news about a release date, although lots of activity on GitHub, so probably months away from release.  Waiting for OpenSSL is probably the safest long term solution for HTTP/3.




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