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Lars Fosdal

TIP: Reporting bugs for RAD Studio / Delphi

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I commented this in another thread, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it.

When you find a problem with RAD Studio, make sure to create a report in https://quality.embarcadero.com  

And - please describe the problem properly! 


  • What you are trying to do
  • The actual result you got
  • The result you expected
  • Most important: How to reproduce the problem
    - either as a detailed step by step description
    - or as a small, self-contained, compilable example project
    - or both of the above


Better reports = better chance of getting stuff fixed.



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This is actually true for all software products, so I pinned this.

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Thanks, Lars.  I did not know that quality.embarcadero.com was still extant.

I will take a few days now, working through piece by piece, until I find what causes this problem.  It will take time!

(I have put 10.3.3 back on the system, and it runs itself and the programme fine!  However, I was impressed

by 10.4 finding a couple of bugs which don't show up in 10.3.3, so you have some people doing great work



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