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Max Terentiev

Control TDataSet strings encoding (auto encode to utf-8)

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I moving my project from D2007 to Rio. My project uses ElevateSoftware DBISAM database engine. I was very happy with it but it's not support unicode and I got problems with saving string data from new unicode-enabled delphi controls to TDBISAMTable: i got ???? instead of unicode symbols. I can handle this problem by manually encode/decode string fields values to/from UTF8. But I need to do it in several thousands places in my code :((((


Maybe somebody already found elegant solution for this problem ? Maybe overriding some methods in TDataSet ?


I found TStringField.Transliterate and TDataSet.Translate it's almost that I need but function


function TDataSet.Translate(Src, Dest: PAnsiChar; ToOem: Boolean): Integer;


have PAnsiChar params and I have data loss (???? instead of unicode) here, so I can't use it for background UTF8 conversions. But I need something similar !


Thanks for help !

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Posted (edited)

maybe you can override a TStringField and tell your program to use that as the default.

i, on the other hand am very curious for the solution you seem to have found




  TUnicodeStringField = class(TStringField)
    function GetAsString: string; override;
    procedure SetAsString(const Value: string); override;


{ TUnicodeStringField }

function TUnicodeStringField.GetAsString: string;
  // your solution here

procedure TUnicodeStringField.SetAsString(const Value: string);
  // your solution here
    DefaultFieldClasses[ftString] := TUnicodeStringField;



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@rcaspers I had no idea you can "override" default TField types. Would have made my life a lot easier a couple of years ago!


@Max Terentiev You can easily do the conversion by TEncoding.Convert, GetBytes and GetString. However, the easiest solution would be to upgrade the component you are using to one, which actually supports Unicode. If they are all TDataSet descendants, you should face no issues.

If upgrading is not an option, I'd create a TFieldHelper with an .AsUnicodeString property.

Getter would read the fields value as a byte array, and return it as a String with TEnoding.Unicode.GetString(fieldbytearray);

Setter would accept a string, convert it to a byte array with TEncoding.Unicode.GetBytes and strore this instead of the string.

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