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D10.4 Slow IDE option dialogs in HyperV guest

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Hey guys,

Installed D10.4 in a HyperV guest (Win10Pro, 16GBmem, 4 procs).

We notice very slow Options dialogs now, takes more then 10seconds to open the Delphi->Tools->Options dialog,

also the project options dialogs are very slow?


More people with these complaints? 

Someone with a hint to better performance?


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On my laptop it's relatively slow too (~3-4 seconds). I guess it's Delphi's way of showing the dialogs since the "skinning" thing. It was the same in 10.3.

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Posted (edited)

Yes, its honey-like, also when switching to debugging.

Several times I have crashed in debug, when it shows "out-of-ressource" (never see that in 10.3.3 before).

My assumption is, that this is caused by the LSP separation, with all its side-effects, but I cannot really reproduce that.


Anyway, I hope that Update 1 will fix all this, and make it as stable as 10.3.3 again.

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