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Alexey Ischuk

TFtpClient: Very low speed on transfer data

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Hi All,


I have tested TFtpClient and found that it works very slow compared with FileZilla. I tested with two ftp servers and on both it works slow.

For example file uploading on one server:

TFtpClient ~ 230 KB

FileZilla > 10 MB !!!


I used sample demo from Samples\Delphi\FtpDemos\OverbyteIcsFtpTst.dproj

What may be a problem and how to fix it?


Thank you in advance,


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14:17:11  < 226 File received ok
14:17:11  ! 85.8Mbytes received/sent in 38 seconds (2.20Mbytes/sec)

Few people have faster upload speeds than 2Mbytes/sec (20Mbit/sec) except on leased lines.  Don't believe 10Mbyte/s unless you are doing am unrealistic  local loopback test.




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First remove any display and logging. This slow down considerably the server. Use display (Progress and so on) and logging for debugging purpose or apply a strategy more complex that what is in the demo.


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Thanks everybody for your help, especially to Fr0sT.Brutal. Increasing DataSocketSndBufSize, DataSocketRcvBufSize resolve this problem.

Thank you very much.

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Seems we have a historic problem with TCP buffer receive and send sizes, whose size should ideally depend on “Bandwidth-Delay Product” (BDP) which relates to TCP round trip time and bandwidth. 


Windows 10 has a default TCP buffer size of 66536, not sure if that is dynamic or fixed.  Windows 7 is still 8192 default, or at least my VM is.


Some of our components allow buffer sizes to be changed setting a minimum of 1024, with the FTP client component defaulting to 8192.  So it actually reduced efficiency.  The OverbyteIcsXferTst sample set the size to 32768 but even that is less than the current default. 


So I'm going through various units changing buffer setting to only increase size and not reduce it, and setting 66536 as the default.




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