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Dear all.

I need to develop small android application and I have a problem.

Android version is 4.2.2.

I use Delphi 10.3.3.

I create project and

I change in SDK Manager:  NDK API LOCATION value to „andro-16“ and also on DELPHI NDK library path also to “andro-16”

Also make modification of AndroidManifest.template.xml  to android:minSDKVersion=”16”

(Modification’s made on suggestion of Dave Nottage (BIG THX Dave!!!))

Now when I try to run project on attached device  I get next error:


I spend whole day to solve this without success.


Please help because I am running out of time...

With best regards


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Try to delete the existing app on the phone, before uploading the new one.

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I already try that - nothing...

But, I try with an onld cell phone with andro. version 4.4.4 and it is working...


It seams that is a problem with Android 4.2.2. OR with Android device (MobiPrint3 POS)


With best regards


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