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Delphi 10.3.3. - problem with adding customized view

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Dear all.


I create one multi-device application, exactly for android phone. It is working and form is properly created for a specific model (Style: Android, View: Master)


I would like to add a customized View for another device so I can adjust designe of app. forms and there is a problem. I can not do it.


I try with a project – new custom view is not listed (tutorial on a net).

I try by editing a DevicePersets.xml – also new custom view is not listed (tutorial on a net).


After each method I restarted IDE but no results.

When I do a second method, I check: Tools→ Options→ User interface → Form Designer → Device Manager; and I get listed a new device but when I open my project, on list of views not showed


How to add customized device view?

I need it for android device; Alcatel 5033f (480x960, ppi 215)


Thx in advance


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