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Debugging x64 DLL (c++) and Delphi

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Hallo to all,

since 10.4 (and 10.4.1) debugging c++ DLL for x64 Windows S.O. is impossible (for me of course).




If I launch standard debug from Delphi project, the DLL source code (made in c++) is ignored and no breakpoints are used in the DLL.


If I launch LLDB debug from  c++ DLL (setting the correct host of course), an error like this


test.exe doesn't contain  any 'host' platform architectures: i686, x86_64, i386

is generated and the  app doesn't start.


If you launch the app with or without Delphi debugger all is working.


Same situation with remote debugger (via "old style debugger" or paserver).


Before LLVM all is working and i can debug DLL c++ code.


I miss something or do something wrong ?


Attached is a very simple project group to test.


Thanks for your attention.


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Yep I believe its a bug in 10.4.1, debug not available for DLL at all.


I tested in 10.1.2 and it works without issue, you can step into the DLL code no problem.


I'd say a Quality portal entry will be required.


I think a friend struck this issue in 10.4 and maybe 10.3.X just a bit of a blur as these issues seem to happen so often for C++ and EMB quality.

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3 minutes ago, bdw_nz20 said:

Yep I believe its a bug in 10.4.1, debug not available for DLL at all.

LOL … That is really strange: hoping that it's only my problem.


5 minutes ago, bdw_nz20 said:

If you file a QP probably worth noting the RSP in a follow up post so people can track this issue

I will insert a ISSUE in QP as soon as possible. 

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