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Filter Exceptions expert and IOS / Android apps

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Apparently the new experimental Filter Exception expert does not work when debugging IOS or Android apps (and probably also not for Linux programs).


There is a bug report on the Embarcadero Quality Portal on crashes when debugging IOS apps. Uninstalling GExperts or disabling the Filter Exception expert solves that issue.


Does anybody have similar experiences with other platforms?


I had a look at the code again and figured that the problem might be that it hooks/calls TNativeDebugger methods in win32debugide*.bpl. Maybe it should instead call one of the other *debugide* packages:

  • gdbdebugide (Linux)?
  • ios32debugide
  • ios64debugide

But on the other hand I don't really care because I don't do any development for anything but Win32 (and possibly Win64 in the future).


So I am thinking about disabling the expert when a project for non windows platforms is active instead. It should definitely not crash the IDE.

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46 minutes ago, Mahdi Safsafi said:

Please Thomas, check your Gexperts tickets.

Thanks, this could solve the problem, but as I said: I cannot test it.

I need some volunteers to test this. Any takers?


It's just a matter of creating a simple Android, Linux, OSX or IOS application respectively that raises an exception and see what happens. If Mahdi's fix works this will simply display the filter exception dialog, if not, it will crash the IDE. That's simple to distinguish. 😉


I just tried to create a simple Android app to run in the emulator, only to discover that apparently the emulator is no longer supported for debugging.

So, that leaves me with trying to install all the stuff necessary to debug on a real device or not give a damn.

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