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Javier Tarí

Migration from BDE paradox to TFDtable or other options

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On 10/3/2020 at 8:41 AM, ConstantGardener said:

...have a Look at NexusDb

A truly good advice: followed it  and my application is now running smoothly on NexusDB, with almost no changes at all


As I don't use the native components, but descendants wrapping Ttable, TDatabase, and so on, the changes needed to substitute BDE for NexusDB have been made only in that unit

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A long time ago I used the Absolute Database. It was very simple and easy to use. Worked perfectly.

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I am still using Paradox and Delphi 7 and up until just before the pandemic hit, Win10 was making me think of retirement. I WAS slowly, GLACIALLY REALLY, transitioning from D7/BDE to XE7/NexusDB, but The Boss kept asking for new features seemingly whenever he detected I was getting close to having time to devote to the updating. And Win10 was making our 50 user operation over three buildings unhappy, crashing about three times a day. THEN, my hardware guy finally gave in and gave my data it's own server. And overnight, the crashes went away. I've had exactly three instances of needing ReBuilder in the last nine months. With that hanging over my head, I've given into The Boss' featuritis itch and been doing THAT work instead of the changeover to NexusDB. I WILL say, however that NexusDB is the best solution for switching from BDE if you are a table object user. At least in my opinion. I've been using Paradox since version 1.11i for DOS, with it's Pair of Ducks icon, and it's hard to give up a product that has been so very, very stable (until Win10) over the years.


But we don't live in the 20th century any more. As much as I would like to get to my retirement without actually doing the full switchover, the fact is that NexusDB is simply a better product. I have a working example of our main app that uses 268 table objects against 119 Paradox databases/NexusDB duplicates. And the Nexus side simply whiz's past the Paradox side of the app. The Aussies know their business.


I hope you have success in your endeavour, GM

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