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FMX Audio Plug-in development with FMX

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After searching the internet for infos with very little to none success I am still looking for infos

about development of AU plug-ins with Delphi/FMX for Mac .


Anyone done it successfully and willing to share his/her experience ?


Thanks for reading !

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You'll probably need to do a lot of tweaking and manual work to create an AU with Delphi. The recommendation from Apple is to inherit from the AU base classes:


"The quickest way, the one endorsed by Apple, and the one described in this document, is to subclass the appropriate C++ superclasses of the freely-downloadable Core Audio SDK."



When I have needed to access C++ objects in Delphi, I have flattened them, but I don't know if this can be done everywhere in this situation. Someone else can probably tell you more about how you can handle that.


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