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Ian Branch

Alpha Controls support for LMD Tools??

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Hi Team,

Does anybody know if Alpha Controls supports LMD Tools?

I use LMD fairly extensively and I won't invest in Alpha Controls if there is no support or only minimal for LMD.


Regards & Tks,


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Yes, thank you.  I didn't see any value in signing up to the forum if I wasn't going to use it.  It also seems you have to be a member, purchased AlphaControls, to be able to raise a query.  I had looked at the Alpha Controls Community for any hints but they were few and far between and only mentioned LMD some time ago and then only one component. 



Thank you.  I was sort of expecting that as I couldn't see any mention in the greyed out listing in the 'Lite' version.


Regards & Tks to you both,


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