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IDE Reopen not reset directory to that of the project

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I have searched for 2 days without success. This is what I am experiencing.

Say I gave 2 projects

c:\projects'\Project1 and c:\projects\Project2.

Now if I open Project1  and then i do Reopen and Selected Project2, When I click Open (in the IDE) it shows the files listed in the folder Project1,

no the folder of Project2.  Inmy search I came across a couple of "weird" (to me) stuff on windows 7 that changed the  lpstrInitialDir and related stuff. 

However, I have D5 and 10.2 installed on Windows 7, and D5 installed in W10.  In W10 Open after Reopen works as it always did (shows the files in the folder where the REOPENed Project resides. But in W7 both d5 and D10.2 it always keeps showing the files in the folder

where the last file was opened (even if it is not the folder Project1 nor Project 2). There must be a trick for forcing D5 and D10.2 to work as D5 works in W#10. Anybody any idea?




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Thanks Eivind. But since you named your trick #1, pass me #2, and possibly #3 as well. Jokes aside, that is not a solution for a very simple reason (aside form any compelling reason that, for now at least. forces me to have a w10 PC and a w7 PC):  it may not be a solution at all. In w7 all worked ok until 2 months ago, then the weird behaviour.  That suggests to me that something  changed somewhere, and that may change in W10 a swell. In W7 or in Delphi? I do not know. But I would like to know WHAT causes the behavior so I can reset it to the desired value. Because I am not sure that that inadvertent change will not happen in W10 as well in the future and I would be back to the same undesired situation. 

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10.2 = Berlin - and it is supposed to work under Windows 7 Service Pack 1
However - I am pretty sure that Berlin didn't change two months ago.

As far as I can remember, the folder that File Open uses has always followed the file you currently have in front in the editor .

There is one exception: if you have the welcome page in front, the directory appears to be the directory of the most recently opened project.

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10.2is Tokyo.  I know neither 102 or even less d5 have changed in the last 2 months. Something Must have changed on my PC, maybe a registry cleaning program , maybe some other stuff. The way it always worked (D5, with 10.2 I could never set it his way) is: Open file yes worksdas you say. But then you do Reopen, and open another PROJECT, and the subsequent open

would show the files that reside in the folder where the Project reside. Now it will always show the folder last opened with Open (not Reopen). 

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My bad. Tokyo of course. Still valid for W7SP1.

It does look like something on your PC.

If you have a good workstation with Windows 10 Pro, you can enable Hyper-V and easily run a Windows 7 installation in a VM.
Having Checkpoints when you are happy with an installation allows you to quickly roll back if something breaks.


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Thanks, Lars. But I did install and re-install many many times in the past for 10.2, for other problems, and nothing changed until I found my own solution.  I am sure there must be something simple and fast.  The  point is that  "Reopen" menu item down not work the same as "Open". The latter changes the system "last opened directory" and hence all subsequent Open file operation will show the files in that directory, while Reopen sees to open the file but does not change the directory  I can't figure how Reopen opens a file without accessing the directory where it resides. 

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