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Lars Fosdal

CrystalNet - .Net Runtime Library for Delphi

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Nope. I just use COM callable .NET wrappers. I would rather have the .NET code live in an external .NET assemble than introduce a dependency on a 3rd party library and have a dependency on .NET.

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Just wondering how they do it.  Seems they have a .NET Core lib in the works as well.

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I had a gander and I think the whole thing is very confusing: for example. why does the Pro extend the Enterprise license? 

It makes no sense to me. 


It's just all weird. 

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Hello, I am a member of the support team at CrystalNet Technologies LTD.


Let me address the issues and questions raised in this forum.


First and foremost, the .Net Runtime Library for Delphi is our flagship product and the most comprehensive library for bridging Delphi and .Net which is used by over 1000 companies and individuals worldwide. The product eliminates much of the complexity of developing Delphi applications with .Net libraries or components, by providing easy-to-use programmable components that facilitate tasks such as hosting .Net CLR in Delphi, access .Net Framework libraries, Load .Net 3rd party DLLs, and many more. The .Net Runtime Library for Delphi contains .Net DLL/WSDL Import Utility for Delphi which helps eliminates the need to manually convert your .Net 3rd-party libraries to Delphi.


Competitive Advantages

  • Full access to .Net Framework Class Library (Including new and emerging .NET technologies).
  • No extra dll is required when deployed.
  • No COM registration of .Net Libraries is required when deployed.
  • There are tools to generate your .Net Libraries into Delphi pas files.
  • Allows Delphi to consume .Net libraries as if they were native code.
  • Easy to use.

We are currently working on new a product .Net Core Library for Delphi which will fully support .Net Core. At the moment the .Net Runtime Library for Delphi supports only .Net Standard 2.1.


For source code examples, go to

I understand the confusion surrounding the licenses. The Professional license is interchanged with the Enterprise license. This discrepancy happened way back in 2015 and there are so many clients using the Pro and Enterprise license such that changing it will cause massive problems for them. We know about the issues and we are working on ways to resolve this to ensure smooth transition between Pro and Enterprise licenses for all our clients.


If you have further questions, you can send them to us using the link below: 



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