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10.3 Rio: No iOS target

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My Delphi 10.3 Rio installation has no iOS target:

SDK manager > Add > Select Platform: There is only Windows and macOS on the list. iOS is not there.

Tools > Manage Platforms: shows that iOS target is installed.


paserver runs and connects fine on the mac, as I can build and run macOS applications from 10.3 Rio.

I have installed MMX, CnPack and Project Magician.

What can I do to make the iOS target show up?


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Yes, I have a connection profile and it connects fine with paserver. I can build, deploy and run a macOS application. 

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Can you resolve this by building an empty test-app with XCode ?

Usually XCode fixes (or at least warns) all issues, like missing/wrong provisionging files.


After empty XCode app is running, you could try another empty app via Fmx.

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iOS does not exist as a platform I can choose anywhere in 10.3. Even if it did exist, AFAIK I would still be required to choose an SDK before I could add iOS as a target platform in a project. But I cannot add any iOS SDK at all, as described in my question.


Edit: and when I want to add a SDK, I have to choose the platform before I can choose what Connection Profile I want, which leads me to conclude that it has nothing to do with XCode because it doesn't even connect with XCode to check, but maybe the macOS build caused the iOS platform to be removed?


Edit2: I tried to build and run an empty iOS app with XCode, then building and running a macOS app with Delphi, but still no change.

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Problem solved. It was a license problem. I contacted Embarcadero support and they gave me different serial number for my subscription, which solved. It required me to reinstall 10.3 though.

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