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My Rx10.4.1 Compiler and LSP Patches diary

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Hi there,


I've tried to patch my Rx10.4.1 Enterprise IDE with the last available patches.
One was older, for C++ only, and two new for Delphi LSP and Linux LSP.

They all seems to be processed in the same way, I usually restart the IDE before doing such critical tasks.

Of course initially all uninstalled, so I can do the selection in the GetIt page:



after that, immediately a selection appears:


!! I have chosen NO in all cases, to prevent any false automatism or blocked files from the IDE.


Then I closed the IDE directly, and a batch command run appears


which immediately seems to run another batch file, starting the real installation.


!! But beware, before that is startet, the GetIt patch asks for a admin confirmation, in a hidden window:



After confirmation, the real batch runs fine, and waits for 3 seconds after finished, to be automatically closed



After that, restart the IDE, and the welcome page shows "up to date"



While in the IDE's installation path, under _patch-backup, there were all the backup'd files listed



As PeterPanino found out, in the German DP, these three folders seems to control
the display of "INSTALLED" or "NOT INSTALLED" in the GetIt page.
Just renaming these folders will change and control "INSTALLED/NOT INSTALLED", as it seems.


With that procedure I've installed all patches without any hazzle so far.

Hope that was helpful to you too.









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The "hidden window" is the UAC asking for confirmation.
Since Windows 10, it is a FERKING ANNOYING THING!

It was easier to notice when it always popped up full screen immediately,

but they made it like this to avoid people pressing enter for an OK or Cancel.by accident.

IMO, MS should change it to a dialog where you must enter something by clicking multiple buttons in a specific order or draw a shape to continue.

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7 hours ago, Rollo62 said:

installed all patches without any hazzle so far

I got as far as "Error on loading data from server getit-104.embarcadero.com..." 🙂

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3 hours ago, Lars Fosdal said:

The "hidden window" is the UAC asking for confirmation.
Since Windows 10, it is a FERKING ANNOYING THING!


Unfortunately I was too lazy to make special effords to get a proper screenshot :classic_biggrin:

But I think everyone knows this UAC-thing.

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