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Wagner Landgraf

Delphi and Parallels for Mac

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Hi, is there anyone here using Delphi with Mac using Parallels virtual machines?


I've recently migrated from VMWare to Parallels - and very happy for it, it's noticeable faster.


However, I'm having a small but annoying issue that didn't happen in VMWare: whenever I try to scroll the source code using the mouse scroll (trackpad, in this case), it goes too fast. 


It's interesting to note that when scrolling up, it works fine. When scrolling down, it goes too fast. That only happens in this virtual machine, only with Parallels, and only with Delphi - no other Windows applications behave like that.


I have also know another person who uses it like that, and he has the exactly same problem. From some Parallels forum posts, it looks like it happens to other as well.


Thus, I believe this happens to everyone using Delphi with Parallels, and I believe given the number of Delphi users here, some DelphiPraxis forum members might also be in the same situation.


So I wonder, does it happen to you as well? If yes, have you found a workaround, or have you just accepted it as a fact of life?


Some references:






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with Parallels 16.1 and Big-Sure I don't see the problem anymore.
But my Setup is a external Magic Trackpad and Keyboard.
Settings for Keyboard and Mouse in Parallels id automatic Game detection

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No luck here. Big Sur, Parallels 16.1.1, using external trackpad (or MacBook trackpad, doesn't matter), changed mouse and keyboard settings to auto-detect, or gaming, or no gaming, everything is always the same.

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I used Parallels for a while, then switched to VMWare Fusion, then to VirtualBox. TBH, I've had the fewest issues with VirtualBox.

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