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Dalija Prasnikar

Just released eBook: Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming

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I just had to do it... Go with the flow!


It's the Black Friday / Cyber Monday "season", so I had to rush the book offer :classic_smile:


The book was actually scheduled for release in early December, but then the Black Friday deals started popping up all over the place... pressure was building... and I finally caved in!


I cut the darn thing in two, and decided to offer Part I at a discount, and will give Part II for free to all Buyers. Not really a 97% BF discount but hey... Junior is still studying, and we still have to pay the bills (Corona doesn't help, either)!


So, here it is! :classic_smile:


I hope you'll like it like you did Delphi Memory Management!





Thank you all for the support!

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  I aspire to being a better coder. I once asked you for some help and you couldn't have responded any better. I got my help and even more. While a lot of what you do is beyond my capability level, some of it does sink in. The sign of a good teacher. So, there's a middling chance I might actually become competent in this area after decades of being a very linear thinker and programmer. So thanks again, in advance.


  Hope this purchase provides some small recompense.


  Be safe. GM

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Hi Dalija,


I've got your book, congrats, it is very helpful !!!



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