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I'm deeply interested on this, and would like if anyone here is using/used homegrown MVVM implementations, and wich was/is your experience. Works fine? Is not woth the effort? Is the best since sliced bread?


Please, share your experience

Thank you!

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7 minutes ago, Stefan Glienke said:

Best since sliced bread ... if you're not in Delphi

Could you expand that a bit? Do you mean in Delphi we don't need it? If that's what you mean, wich would be in Delphi the pattern that gives us the same as MVVM in other platforms?

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I've had good luck using it to write a GUI in Delphi which interacts with another program that was written in Python. I use sockets to communicate between the two processes, which has the added benefit of allowing the GUI to run on a different machine if needed, it could even be on a different platform. I've used this same architecture even when the program(s) are written in the same language. The MVVM structure works well for this -- I generally have the View (the GUI) send messages over the socket to the ViewModel, which then dispatches them to the appropriate Model. I use thread-safe queues and background threads for all the I/O so that the GUI is never blocked.

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