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Tommi Prami

Advices of creating mobile App with Delphi

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I've been planning on doing pretty simple mobile app with delphi. I already started it, but then backed off to ask few questions so don't have to do it 10 times. This will be my hobby project, so no hurry, but maybe some other also benefits from this. First of all I've haven't done much with FMX and what simple things I've done it still feels bit alien to me, it is so close to VCL but still so far. Also Iäve got hunch that mobile apps have some general guidelines on technical level also, how app should be done so it'll work OK.

  1. Any best practices or development guide for newbie on mobile apps. (Where to start)?
  2. What GUI components or libraries you would recommend?
  3. What kind of GUI (in general on phone) you'd use (of course will vary greatly from app to app), but what components etc you would use and how design it, to make it behave well on Android (mainly) and iOS.
  4. Any traps and how to avoid not to fall in them (you are fine as long as you don't do this 🙂 )


All other is an bonus. Looking forward on hearing your ideas on this. 





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- Take care on the Application events

- Take care on the permissions

- Don't make configurations earlier than FormShow, better as lazy and delayed as possible

- Use a most modular approach, all single units decoupled and separately testable, just build your plug-and-play system

- Start as low-level as possible, use TRect, TGlyph, TPath, TForm, TButton, TEdit, TListView ...

  Thats no drawback, you can use nested controls without much problems

- Use System.IOUtils for any URL composition

- Use TFrame as base for your views (some use TForms, but I have no issues with Frames, as long I create them in runtime)

- Be aware of fancy controls, they are very likely to fail.

- Don't think "desktop", consider "mobile" UI right from the start


... (to be continued)


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