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New version crashes when trying to create form

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Hey folks, we've been using the ICS components on C++ Builder (well, specifically FTPClient) since it was C++ Builder 6. We've managed to upgrade each time until 10.4.0 (10.4.1, now) and 8.6.5. Suddenly, a module that compiled with no issues in the past is crashing at the Form Creation stage, and it's definitely due to the FTPClient component. If I remove it, it runs (although doesn't do much). Put it back, and fails with an EEFACE error at creation (can't even debug it - it never gets to OnFormCreate(). Has anyone else had this problem? The only thing that has changes is the compiler version and the ICS version (it ran fine on 10.3) Thanks in advance for any guidance or advice you might have.

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Thanks Francois, I know what the EEFFACE error is. I just don't understand why it's suddenly happening with nothing else changing but the upgrade to 4.10.1.

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Which ICS version were you using previously?  


The only real change in FTP client recently was ensuring TCP buffers are a decent size, overriding old tiny buffer sizes saved on forms years ago, so make sure you don't set DataSocketSndBufSize or DataSocketRcvBufSize on the form.  This should be transparent, but maybe C++ is different, I never test it.



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On 12/24/2020 at 4:04 AM, w0wbagger said:

I just don't understand why it's suddenly happening

I have no idea. Could you write a simple, small, minimal program which reproduce the issue?

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