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Henry Olive

Attempted Update During Read Only Transaction

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I made backup an old database then i restored it in new Interbase-2020

when i try to test the new Truncate function i got 

"Attempted Update During Read Only Transaction"   error msg.

I checked my database's properties in IbConsole they are like below

ReadOnly=False,  WriteMode=Synchronous

What could be the problem ?

Thank You



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The message is about the transaction. Check settings of transaction

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We don't know the basic thing. How to connect to a DB. Which components do you use.

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Because Precommitted transactions do not get a transaction ID and can basically run forever without causing growth in the TIP page, the wisql window in IBConsole defaults to read-only transactions (not to be confused with a read-only database).


To change this click Transactions | Options and just switch the radio button from read to write.  If you always want it to be a writeable transaction check the Set as Default at the bottom.

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