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Javier Tarí

PlasticSCM, Delphi, Semantic merge

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Has someone tried PlasticSCM with Delphi sources? The semantic comparison seems awesome, but I wonder if someone has tried it already, and has found how good it is - or is not


Thanks in advance

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I use Plastic's regular 3-way merge tool with Git but I've never used Plastic SCM itself. You can get your hands on the merge tool by installing a trial of the Plastic SCM client.


I don't think Semantic Merge has working support for Delphi syntax. There are some external parsers but AFAIK they don't support the newer versions of neither the Delphi language nor Semantic Merge.

Here's one: https://github.com/andremussche/SemanticMergeDelphi

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The current version doesn't work with Delphi (as reported in that project and in the SemanticMerge forums). I fixed that issue a while ago, but by now even that fix might no longer work:




But I don't use it (I only tried it for a while), so I don't really care.

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