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Bob Devine

10.4.1 IDE wait/working cursor

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Made the jump from 10.2 to 10.4.1 (both patches installed) and am already regretting it... LSP up to more than 3Gb memory after a few hours so switched to classic. The problem in classic is the "working" cursor when not typing or moving the mouse - anyone else seeing this and know how to get rid of it? Couldn't find anything in QP. I realise I can re-set the LSP by switching between classic and LSP as a last resort.


Thanks, Bob

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One thought: Something that revealed a performance bottleneck to me a few years back, was when I unintentionally managed to include a network drive in my search path.  Where are your sources located?  SSD? HDD? Network?

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Everything's on a local NVME SSD, so pretty fast. Although 10.2 was my primary IDE I've used 10.3 on this PC and it was fine. Classic 10.4.1 pretty much unusable though - weird. Have reverted to LSP with regular resets :-)


Thanks, Bob

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some pc it works until very well, another no way!

maybe have some with hardware itself.


in my VM VirtualBox appears ok.

VM MSWin 10 20H2, 2cpu 6gb ram, video 256mb, disk 80gb

host: I7 4770K, 16gb Veng Corsair 1600mhz, hd 1tb seagate, vga nvidia 1650 super 4gb


of course, size and complexity of project can to do the differences.


so, the RSD 10.4., is a black-hole no-holy

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I had exact the same issue.  See the screenshot.


Its reproducible if I ctrl-shift-up to the procedure declaration section, then ctrl-shift-down back to the procedure body, then move the cursor, you would see it.  However, I'm in a VM though.



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