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The location of sqllite database ?

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good morning every one ^^ how is every one doing ))
1- i have fmx android app that s create sqllite db on create ,what's  the location of db on the phone and is it const location ? (does not change for every other phones)
2- what's the proper way to copy it from that location to sd card (backup) ?
thanks and take care ☺️

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For iOS: StartUp\Documents\

For Android: .\assets\internal

Use those folders if you deploy an existing DB. This is the Project Options section.


At runtime you can use something like this

  FDConnection.Params.Values['ColumnMetadataSupported'] := 'False' ;
  FDConnection.Params.Values['Database'] := TPath.Combine(TPath.GetDocumentsPath, 'mydb.sqlite') ;

Then do whatever you need to create/open/update, etc...


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