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Davide Visconti

Block windows access

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Hi all,


I'm searching a way to intercept, in Windows 10, some classic windows shortcuts like the Windows key, Ctrl+alt+canc, Ctrl+esc, Alt+tab, etc...

My goal is to limit the user access to my application and let the windows access at some other users with high privilege.


Do you know something like that?


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3 hours ago, David Heffernan said:

Whatever the problem is, trying to hijack keypresses handled by the system is not the solution 

@David Heffernan what do you mean?

6 hours ago, Uwe Raabe said:

@Uwe Raabe

I never hear that before! Sound good! I'll try it.


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For what it's worth, limiting Keyboard and Mouse input can be done by using low level keyboard and mouse hooks.

Beware that debugging these kind of projects can be quite .. interesting as you have your keyboard and mouse hooked and therefore - depending on your application logic - blocked.


Basically you have to have a host application and a library.

The host application loads the library which implements the hooks you defined.


For more information look here:

LowLevelKeyboardProc callback function

LowLevelMouseProc callback function


⚠️ CTRL+ALT+DEL can't be hooked/blocked, maybe Kiosk mode is realy what you need.

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