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Install .apk via google drive

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Delphi 10.4.2


Have developed a custom app for use on Android tablet for a business.  There will be approx 10 users of this app.  The plan is to notify users of any update through Google Drive allowing the user to receive a link and update there tablet with latest version of the app.  Especially in the early stages this may mean an updated database file (SQLite) in which case -cleaninstall is used.  On testing this, if I copy .apk file direct to tablet's download directory and then navigate to that directory and double click to install......all works and db file is replaced.  When testing this using Goole drive (same apk file) the app is updated but the db file is not replaced. 


Should I be doing something else other than '-cleaninstall'


Any advice would be appreciated.


Bill Zwirs

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18 hours ago, bzwirs said:

There will be approx 10 users of this app.

Why not create one mail template and spread it out to those 10?

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That's not my problem.  The problem is that 'cleaninstall' doesn't seem to work when using Google Drive to distribute the apk file.

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