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Alex Texera

Deploy IOS app from Rad Studio

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I don't have experience with deploy IOS app with Rad Studio only use Android and Windows.

On some online example need copy  PAServer to MAC PC and use MAC PC ip address in Rad Studio.

Is it possible deploy IOS application  like .apk  without MAC PC only Rad Studio 10.4 or combination Rad Studio 10.4 + Iphone  6 mobile device?


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1) you need to compile teh app (needs mac and an IPad/IPhone connected or simulator maybee) You can use VM for the mac (forbidden), maybee the IPad simulator (I don't know),

2) you need to deploy the app to the store (use transporter from Apple - runs fine)

3) in your Apple account, create the app and fill the forms (with all the fine certificates).

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No, as weabow said and as stated in the requirements, you need XCode and a MAC to deploy to Mac or iOS/iPadOS

You can't sideload apps to Apple devices for security reasons. They need to be signed by certificates issued by Apple.

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