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Fmx Rx10.4.2: Is Android compilation to APK32 and APK64 broken ?

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Hi there,


I know the similar thread, and now it hits me too.

From my normal AAB project, I just need to creat separate APK, to send to some testers.


If I build as the project as APK32/64 separately, which I did many times before, and Yes, I removed the checkbox, restarted IDE, and tried everything 10 times.

My IDE always generates an AAB.

This happens with a project that could build APK before flawlessly.


Next step I have to create a complete new project, but I would like to ask is somebody knows a workaround for this ?



Oh yes, RSP-32995



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It's configuration... you can choose .. Application store - always generate AAB, develpomnet - APK



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Yes, I've tried whats explained in the RSP.

I could generate one AAB, from there either one single universal APK, or many, different APK's.

Since I need that for exchange with others, I have not fully tested the universal APK, is this really running everywhere ?

That would make sense, or to choose only 1-2 splitted APK's, the whole splitted APK's will take 4-5 times the size of the ZIP file.


Are you working with universal or splitted APK's ?

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