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Sorting question

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Hi Folks,


I am trying to compare two huge .pas files created by the xml data binding wizard from two different xsd files. Each xsd file represents a different version of the same standard. Now I'd like to spot the differences in the created .pas files. Unfortunately the order in which the classes are created are so different, that I see 99% diffs.

So I thought: MMX Code Explorer has some sort functions. I'll sort the interface and implementation parts of both files alphabetically and compare the result. Up to now I only managed to sort inside classes.

I set the two options in "Default class sorting" to "Unsorted and in "Default Mode procedure sorting" to "Name". Then I tried my luck with "Default sort classes and module" from the MMX window, but it had no visible effect on the sources. I can sort stuff inside the classes by changing the options in "Default class sorting", but that's not what I want.

How can I sort a .pas file alphabetically in the interface by class name and in the implementation section by class name and method name?


MMX version

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Sorting classes is usually not working due to dependencies between them. You might have more luck using MMSDV to compare the files.

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Thanks for the pointers. In the end I solved it by searching and copy/pasting the code snippets that I needed to compare into a diff tool.
You're right Uwe, but I didn't need working code. I just needed something which is easy to compare :)

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