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Bug in latest release on macro templates

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one of the last releases since official 1.38 ( introduces a bug on macro templates (at least on Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo)


- define a template xyz like this:

  • Insert position: cursor position


- create a new unit

- on top of it add a new line and type "xyz" and complete it

--> The result should be something like '2019-01-04  UK'


- delete the expanded template

- next add a comment at top of unit that contains 'ü' character:  // ü

- on following line type 'xyz' again and expand it

--> Result is now a malformed text: 'x019-01-04  UK'


going back on and everything is fine again. 




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Thanks, that indeed looks like the same error. And I wonder why it works with


Anyway, thank you for maintaining that fine tool!

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1 hour ago, ULIK said:

And I wonder why it works with

I'm not surprised given the many changes I have made to the code for accessing the editor buffer. Most of them were for the better, at least. 😉

It's very difficult to do regression tests for a tool like GExperts, given how many versions of the IDE it supports and that I am most of the time the only developer working on it.

I don't catch many bugs when using GExperts because I rarely use many of the features. So I need good bug reports, especially ones containing steps to reproduce the problem reliably.

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