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Angus Robertson

Windows 11 and Server 2022 versions

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Just created VMs with Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 versions to see what the real internal versions are, and it seems still major version 10. 


Windows 11 has a raw version of 10.0.22000 and DisplayVersion 21H2.

Windows Server 2022 preview is a little older and says 10.0.20348 and DisplayVersion 21H2.


So it looks like build 20000 and higher are the new versions, not major version 11. 


Also, for a year or so they seem to have been using DisplayVersion (20H2) from the registry instead of ReleaseID ( last was 2009), and Windows 11 still says 2009. 



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ReleaseID was deprecated after version 2009: Gabe Frost on Twitter

He also states not to depend on DisplayVersion looking ahead either.


As for Windows 11 not having the Major version upped to 11, there's always the possibility this might change during the preview process.


Microsoft is doing its level best to stop people depending on version information, but rather just try whatever API function you want to call, and fail/fallback gracefully if it isn't available. That of course does nothing to those who still want to know/show accurate (and not shimmed) version information, for whatever reason.

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Windows 10 was, for the majority of its development, MajorVersion 6, MinorVersion 4.

Like Nigel wrote,  it's possible this will change.

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The current Windows 11 build shows (among lots of other values)

PS C:\Windows\System32> get-computerinfo | format-list

WindowsBuildLabEx                                       : 22000.1.amd64fre.co_release.210604-1628
WindowsCurrentVersion                                   : 6.3
WindowsEditionId                                        : Professional
WindowsInstallationType                                 : Client
WindowsProductName                                      : Windows 10 Pro
WindowsVersion                                          : 2009
WindowsUBR                                              : 51
OsName                                                  : Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
OsType                                                  : WINNT
OsOperatingSystemSKU                                    : 48
OsVersion                                               : 10.0.22000
OsCSDVersion                                            :
OsBuildNumber                                           : 22000
OsHotFixes                                              : {KB5004034, KB5004567, KB5004564, KB5004570}

PS C:\Windows\System32>


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I'd like to know where OSName is read from. Msinfo32.exe shows the same string, but I can't find values in the registry to match it.

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