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Problems with Delphi "Mobile Tutorial: Using FireDAC and SQLite (iOS and Android)"

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I'm using the free version of Delphi to work through the "Mobile Tutorial: Using FireDAC and SQLite (iOS and Android)". My installation did not seem to have the samples folders or database file. So it was suggested that I download shoplist.s3db from here.
I obviously think I have followed the tutorial accurately, but I'm having problems.

Firstly in the section "Displaying ShopItem in the ListView", it suggests that when I complete the section I should see actual data within the Form Designer. But I don't? Is this because the data they are showing is not in the table or something is already wrong?  

Secondly, at the end of the tutorial, I press f9. There are no errors. My connected phone runs the app, I get a white screen with an off-center label saying "shopping list" at the top. No data seems to be displayed?

Lastly, I have then been making changes, for example to the text, after changing the view to android 3.5 (I had the view in Delphi on Master which is why I assume the label text is not centered), but when hitting f9 none of these changes are reflected? I swapped the ButtonAdd and ButtonDelete around so I could test the ButtonAdd, but this is not reflected when I hit F9. I'm un-installing the app from the phone each time.

Any help appreciated. Although I programmed in Delphi years ago, I'm very rusty and a lot seems to have changed.
Thank you

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I just downloaded the sample shoplist database and opened it in SQLiteStudio and the table is empty. Perhaps add some records outside of your app, then if your app is still not showing anything, you'll know something is amiss in your data connection or LiveBindings.


When making changes to a view that don't appear to affect the display on your phone, try changing a different view or adding a label to the master view. When I was getting up to speed with mobile development, there would be times I thought for sure I was modifying the right view only to find out the phone was a different size than I expected or I had inadvertently switched views.


Once you verify what view to use, you shouldn't need to uninstall the app--it'll update it.

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