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StrToFloat () all combinations of decimal separator and lang. settings

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On 8/17/2021 at 1:48 PM, Lars Fosdal said:

I was working with various kinds of financial data, weather data and power data (prices, volumes, etc), and thousand separators usage was variable. Spaces, commas, dots, the lot.

It was a hodge-podge of formats since very few standard exchange formats existed at the time.


Even vendors that you had contractual agreements with, would change the format on the fly, without notice. 
"Yeah, we changed the format. Nobody told you?"

Yes i have had the same, with invoice recognition software i wrote. And then you have the suppliers where the financial formats differ from the "data/content" format.

So we had a base setting for the numeric formats per application, per supplier (inherited),  per content fields/table (inherited). 

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