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Data Base does not save data

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Posted (edited)

I have an RTE file which at the end has 3 bytes 02 00 00

Using FDTable with SQLite


  FDConnection1.ExecSQL('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Projects (MyDateTime DateTime,ProjectName TEXT,ProjectrealName TEXT,Category TEXT NULL,Description TEXT NULL,FilesIndex INTEGER)');

Description TEXT NULL =TEXT

First, try

ProjectsFDTable.FieldByName(',Description').AsString := MY RTE TEXT



Last 3 bytes get deleted !!!


Can I use it as a string?????????


Second try as a BLOB

Description BLOB NULL =BLOB


Stream : TStream ;


   Stream := TStream.Create;    <<<<<<<<< I do not free the stream

     BlobField := ProjectsFDTable.FieldByName('Description') as TBlobField;
       Stream := ProjectsFDTable.CreateBlobStream(BlobField, bmWrite);




After Refresh I can see the stream has changed to the data size as needed.

BUT NO DATA IN Description field !!!!! 


closing the application and looking at the database no description data.

I did not manipulate the field let Delphi do the work

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Thank you everybody for your kind help.

Can someone open a site, not for novices?

Even professionals need sometime help

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Even professionals can't really do much without actual source code.
Can you reproduce the problem in a self contained compilable example?

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@Lars Fosdal Thanks. All the source is in the question.

I thought I was very clear with the problem.

In any case, it took me a while but I fixed it.

The answer is


Thanks in any case

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AFAIK, the Text field in SQLite has no length limit. Why use a BLOb?

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@Lars Fosdal You did not read carefully the problem !!!

since RTE file which at the end has 3 bytes 02 00 00


The database truncate !!! those bytes when using string

You have to use a blob. 

You can reload the data a string which

from which I use it as a stream

   s := ProjectsFDTable.FieldByName('Description').AsString;

    St := TStringStream.Create(S);
It all comes to this component >>>> AdvRichEditor

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Why are you extracting the blob with AsString and not AsBlob?


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Posted (edited)

Do not know why. It was easier on my head.

No reason to be perfect.


Looking at my source ProjectsFDTable.FieldByName('Description').AsString;



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