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Use old glyph with tpngobject in 10.4?

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I have some legacy units with lots of glyph loaded with tpngoject. In my old Delphi the images are show well.

In 10.4, they are simply ignored, not shown. If I inspect the DFM loaded in 10.4 the DATA section of the glyph is not present.

Is there any way to make those units in 10.4  easier (or faster) than reload the images 1 by 1? ( I would also like to preserve the original unit to be used with the older version).


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Than you Uwe. How do I install it?

I dowloaded PackagesSydney and trying to build PngComponentsDesign I get a list of errores Tpngimagelist .... not found.

If I try to build PngComponents I get the error "...source\PngSpeedButton not found" not found.

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Thanks Uwe. But still cannot have the glyph png image shown.
I built and installed ok PngComponentsDesign.dpk (it shows in install packages. see attached image).
I built PngComponents.dpk.
But a form with components using a png image does not show the image (in my older delphi they show ok).
Any hint as to what else should I do?


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Sorry, it workds fine!. I think the error was that I had put in the library


(the newly installed package). I removed it and all is ok. Thank you very much

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Indeed, the PngObject contains the files needed for versions below Delphi 2009, while since then these units are part of the Delphi standard libraries and can must be omitted.

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Hello Uwe. I am in trouble again. I left my project for a couple of months, and now again have the same problem: The design components show in insstalled packages, but the unit with tpngobject  images do now show the image.

I uninstalled the package., I re-installed PngComponentsDesign.dpk from the sydney folder. I also re-named  pngcomponents\pngobject to make sure it does not interfere in any way. But the (content of the) images are not  not shown.

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