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Ian Branch

KSVC 7.0 rzCommon fatal error..

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Hi Team,

Final release D11, KSVC via Getit.

Trying to use the Raize components, when I go to build my App I get..

"[dcc32 Fatal Error] MainFrm.pas(48): F2051 Unit RzCommon was compiled with a different version of Vcl.Forms.TCustomForm"

I'm going to take a guess that KSVC may have been built with a slightly earlier version of D11..

Anybody else seeing this?

Note:  I do have KSVC installed in by D10.4.2 via Getit, without any App build issues.

Any thoughts/suggestions?




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I had the same problem and the best place to ask about Raize Component questions is always Ray Konopka's forums at his web site www.Raize.com, there is already a thread about this problem that he addressed and this is what he had to say:


I dug into this a little more and the problem is indeed with the GetIt installation that Embarcadero created for Delphi 11. The point is that Embarcadero is aware of the issue and are working on releasing a new GetIt package that fixes the problem.

In the meantime, you can apparently workaround the issue by doing the following:

A temp fix is to:

add $(BDSCatalogRepositoryAllUsers)\KonopkaControls-280-7.0\Source
before $(BDSCatalogRepositoryAllUsers)\KonopkaControls-280-7.0\Lib\RX11\Win32 and
Build your project
<< Ray

So you can try the fix he outlines and I'm sure if he says it works it will, sadly I uninstalled the components and was going to reinstall to see if that was the problem prior to reading this but Embarcadero has removed the Konopka Signature Controls from GetIt for the moment and I guess they will put it back when it's fixed.

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