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Change Scroll bar color

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Hi all,

I've already used Themes, with satisfaction, on some little applications.

In a big application, I haven't used the TStyleManager.Engine because too hard to re-design the entire application,

but I would like to have a way to style only the scrollbars colors of a TSynEdit component.


It is, in some way, possible to add ONLY the TScrollingStyleHook behavior in a program without the Style engine running?

Thank you for your suggenstions!

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I've already added Style in TSynEdit and it is very simple to do.
For example, to add the Scrollbar style is only necessary to add this line:


{$R *.dfm}

procedure TForm8.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  TStyleManager.Engine.RegisterStyleHook(TCustomSynEdit, TScrollingStyleHook);


But I don't would to enable styling in all my project BUT only to SynEdit scrollbar so this is not a way to follow.

Perhaps I need to study a way to "extract" what Vcl.Theme manager does for TScrollingStyleHook and to apply only to my version of TCustomSynEdit...

Unfortunately, the entire project already living with an old theme system (Light/Dark), and now I can't change it.

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Any idea on how to "force" the scrollbar colors?
With dark mode are very very ugly:

I've googled a lot searching for a way to use TThemeManager forcing it only to a component without results...

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15 hours ago, shineworld said:

Any idea on how to "force" the scrollbar colors?
With dark mode are very very ugly:

I've googled a lot searching for a way to use TThemeManager forcing it only to a component without results...

try to add TScrollbar and make it related with that SynEdit and finally you will have a completely separated scrollbar with StyleElement property

don't forget to make Scrollbars property to ssNone for your SynEdit

Edited by bravesofts

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Checking Vcl.Forms.pas, it registers both TCustomForm and TForm to the style engine.

Does it help if you call

TStyleManager.Engine.RegisterStyleHook(TSynEdit, TScrollingStyleHook);


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In the end, I've solved placing two external TScrollbars (TAdvSmoothScroolbars from TMS), they permit

a deep control of colors and removing Windows SCROLLBAR created by TSynEdit.


- The SynEdit.ScrollBars := ssNone;

- The SynEdit.UpdateScrollbars from private to protected and of dynamic type.

- A helper class in my editor frame class:

unit osGCodeEditorFrame;


  TGCodeEditor = class(SynEdit.TSynEdit)
    procedure EditorVBarPositionChanged(Sender: TObject; Position: Integer);
    procedure EditorHBarPositionChanged(Sender: TObject; Position: Integer);
    procedure UpdateScrollBars; override;
    FInUpdateScrollBars: Boolean;
    EditorHBar: TAdvSmoothScrollBar;
    EditorVBar: TAdvSmoothScrollBar;

  // creates and sets gcode editor
  FGCodeEditor := TSynEdit.Create(Self);
  FGCodeEditor.Parent := Self;
  FGCodeEditor.Align := alClient;
  FGCodeEditor.Visible := True;
  FGCodeEditor.ScrollBars := ssNone;

  // creates and sets gcode editor horizontal scroll bar
  FGCodeEditor.EditorHBar := TAdvSmoothScrollBar.Create(Self);
  FGCodeEditor.EditorHBar.Parent := Self;
  FGCodeEditor.EditorHBar.Align := alBottom;
  FGCodeEditor.EditorHBar.Kind := sbHorizontal;
  FGCodeEditor.EditorHBar.OnPositionChanged := FGCodeEditor.EditorHBarPositionChanged;

  // creates and sets gcode editor vertical scroll bar
  FGCodeEditor.EditorVBar := TAdvSmoothScrollBar.Create(Self);
  FGCodeEditor.EditorVBar.Parent := Self;
  FGCodeEditor.EditorVBar.Align := alRight;
  FGCodeEditor.EditorVBar.Kind := sbVertical;
  FGCodeEditor.EditorVBar.OnPositionChanged := FGCodeEditor.EditorVBarPositionChanged;


{ TGCodeEditor }

procedure TGCodeEditor.EditorHBarPositionChanged(Sender: TObject; Position: Integer);
  if FInUpdateScrollBars then Exit;
  LeftChar := EditorHBar.Position;

procedure TGCodeEditor.EditorVBarPositionChanged(Sender: TObject; Position: Integer);
  if FInUpdateScrollBars then Exit;
  TopLine := EditorVBar.Position;

procedure TGCodeEditor.UpdateScrollBars;
  MaxScroll: Integer;
  ScrollInfo: TScrollInfo;

  // checks if standard scroll bars enabled
  if ScrollBars <> ssNone then Exit;

  // check if custom scroll bars enabled
  if (EditorVBar = nil) or (EditorHBar = nil) then Exit;
  FInUpdateScrollBars := True;
    // evaluates for custom horizontal scrollbar
    if EditorHBar <> nil then
      MaxScroll := Max(TSynEditStringList(Lines).LengthOfLongestLine, 1);
      ScrollInfo.nMin := 1;
      ScrollInfo.nMax := MaxScroll;
      ScrollInfo.nPage := CharsInWindow;
      ScrollInfo.nPos := LeftChar;
      EditorHBar.Min := ScrollInfo.nMin;
      EditorHBar.Max := ScrollInfo.nMax;
      EditorHBar.PageSize := ScrollInfo.nPage;
      EditorHBar.Position := ScrollInfo.nPos;
      EditorHBar.Visible := ScrollInfo.nMax > CharsInWindow;
      EditorHBar.Visible := False;

    // evaluates for custom vertical scrollbar
    if EditorVBar <> nil then
      MaxScroll := DisplayLineCount;
      ScrollInfo.nMin := 1;
      ScrollInfo.nMax := Max(1, MaxScroll);
      ScrollInfo.nPage := LinesInWindow;
      ScrollInfo.nPos := TopLine;
      EditorVBar.Min := ScrollInfo.nMin;
      EditorVBar.Max := ScrollInfo.nMax;
      EditorVBar.PageSize := ScrollInfo.nPage;
      EditorVBar.Position := ScrollInfo.nPos;
      EditorVBar.Visible := ScrollInfo.nMax > LinesInWindow;
      EditorVBar.Visible := False;
    FInUpdateScrollBars := False;

In this way is possible to use standard scrollbars or custom and use the already available and called in TSynEdit.UpdateScrollbars,

which does nothing is ScrollBars = ssNone to manage update of external custom scrollbars.

Works perfectly:

Edited by shineworld

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