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  1. hello All: . May i know please the right way to work with custom fonts inside android.?i have Patch this unit here: (FMX.FontGlyphs.Android), but no effect....i know that Alcinoe controls are native device controls and the paint in fmx android is ( FPaint: JPaint; )please guide me and if there is any demo or sample will be more helpful..i have watch in youtube how can do that in android studio and i follow the same steps but the controls didn't change their font as i expected ...i deploy a folder inside the res remote path named as (font) an inside that folder i deploy two xml files( attr.xml and myfont_familly.xml) and also deploy my fonts there ..after that i go to my custom styles.xml and i add this line here:<item name="android:fontFamily">@font/myfont_familly</item>but when i compile to run in android no effect happen ???please any reply will be so usefull SMS Read-Write.rar