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Vincent Parrett

Directed Graph Layout Library for Delphi?

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Does anyone know of any Delphi libraries that tackle directed acyclic graphs (DAG) and layout algorithms? In particular I'm interested in a layered layout (Sugiyama's algorithm).My goal here is to produce a visual representation of a target dependency graph - something like this.

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It seems like every other language out there has tons to choose from (open source to $$$$ commercial), but so far I have found nothing useful for Delphi. Of course I could attempt to translate another library to delphi.. but I was hoping to avoid that if possible .

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18 hours ago, Darian Miller said:

Synopse documentation builder has some of this built-in which might help... not sure how standalone it is.

Thanks, I'll take a look.

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I implemented Sugiyama here:




It is fully defined in a single unit. I've used it in several projects and it is very fast, robust, and as far as I know bugfree :). Let me know if you need help with using it!


You create a subclass and override ExtractNodes and ApplyNodes methods. See this unit for an example (the TMyLayout class).

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