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Ian Branch

What shows when opening a project?

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Hi Team,


What is it that dictates what initially shows when you open a project?

Depending on which Project I open I get the Project file, the Code view of the Main form or the Design view of the main form...

I'd like it to at least be consistent. :-)



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.dsk file in your project root folder.


It will open project in state you had when you closed it. If you had code view open, you will get code view, if you had design view you will get that. It also remembers last settings for each form. And first time it will show design view (at least that is the case for the last few versions).

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Hi Dalija,

OK.  That is what I was expecting.  Your mention of the .dsk file set me to finding them.  There weren't any. :-(

After some hunting, I found and turned "Save project desktop when closing" on and now it does what was/is expected.




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