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Joe Sansalone

M1, Parallels, Delphi IDE: ctrl + hovering ???

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I'm doing my best to configure Delphi IDE on Windows 11 ARM, running in Parallels

on an M1 Pro.


Normally in the code editor, ctrl + hovering over code underlines procedures/types/etc 

that can be clickable and then once clicked goes to the appropriate definition unit etc.


However, with Parallels, ctrl + hovering doesn't underline anything 

UNTIL the mouse is clicked.  A bit annoying ....  ANY SOLUTIONS TO THIS?


2.  Mouse travel up/down is a little fast ... I think there's a solution to this too.


Any help would be much appreciated




---> UPDATE:  Setting to "Optimize for games" in Parallels made it better!


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I have the base model "M1 Pro" 8 core/14 GPU 14" MacBook.   (similar single-core to the M1, but faster multi-core)

Running Windows 11 ARM via Parallels. Delphi 11.


Delphi IDE runs very smoothly.  And like you mentioned it's an Intel x86 so it's 

going through the emulator in order to run on ARM.


IF Embarcadero were to produce a ARM version of the Delphi IDE, 

I suspect that it would be about 2.5x faster. 


I compiled the same program in Delphi for macOS twice.

One for macOS Intel (goes through Rosetta 2 emulator) and the other for macOS ARM.

The ARM version ran 2.8x faster. (3.5x faster if using Metal API)


From what I read the "windows emulator" is about the same performance slowdown 

like Rosetta 2 (apple emulator).


NOTE:  Sometimes I'll notice something takes a little longer (in Delphi) than my windows 

             machine ... but it's small difference.  My windows machine is just a 2-core but I run 

             Windows 7 on it.



Hope this helps.


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