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Single person, two player, Thumb against thumb, Ball Basher for Robots.

Juggle up to twelve sphere's of galactic matter in outer space.




Started out as a quick pong demo, but with Alexandria's grace, it turned into SpaceBallz!!

A game in a class.


I can do 12 balls for about 4 mins.


It's a birthday present for Delphi.

Sorry, I'm poor, have to take a hand made gift for now.


Happy Birthday DELPHI!!




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Posted (edited)

Just got the tournament mode working!

Now it's SpaceBallz Tournamentz!!




Tournament server is a 3d windows app as well, maybe the 1st 3d server, idk..

Just a very simple thing, used ICS and sever is also a leader board that displays top 12.

Now you can re-purpose that old windows tab collecting dust.


The game is using Indy, tested on my cheap android 10 tab that's permanently wired into my delphi..


Not perfect, just fun stuff..

Took me a bit, was busy busy and it may show a bit in the code, as i rated it pg-13, for language and drug use..


edit, lines 117,118 in uSpaceBallzData pretty much sums up my existence and i bet you im not alone there.. 🙂



have fun..





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more fun stuff..

just added another tournament server, this one built with Indy under the hood.

runs on robots.




i see there's an update for d..

hope it don't break me ballz.. 😛


have fun!!





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let there be sounds.. 🙂


put some sound in Space Ballz.


music.mp3 won't play in tmediaplay on windows but does on android.

and does play by clicking on windows, so not sure what gives.

hard to find free game music tracks, this one reminds me of John Carpenter, escape from NY kind of groove.


sounds good on robots.


game on!



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39 minutes ago, qubits said:

this one reminds me of John Carpenter, escape from NY kind of groove.

John weeps 😢


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