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Docx (RTF) to PDF convert

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Try to find third party solution for converting RTF to PDF. Not pure RTF file but created in MS Word.
So i directly need something what is able correctly open rtf, doc or docx file and convert it into pdf. So result will respond how it looks in MS Word.
I know that one solution is OLE Automation (open in MS Word and send it to pdf printer). But prefere different solution which do not need MS Word installed.

Any tips?

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No need to print from Word, you can automate it to open and 'save as PDF'. And you can do the same with Libre Office, for MS and ODT formats, and there is a library available from https://www.winsoft.sk/libre.htm which can help with this.  If installing Libre is as much of a problem for you as installing Word, there is also a library available from https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/office.html which can read Word Documents and can also write PDF, via HTML.

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There are a bunch of solutions out there in various price ranges. I do these things server-side and multithreaded so i prefer a solution that i can compile with sources.

Using "Office Automation" server side is not an option (for me).

The only pure Delphi library that can do all this with sources and support that i know of is https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/office.html.

For my needs it works very well. I do a lot of extractions of docx-chunks and convert to rtf/pdf/html and plaintext.

I also use it to create html from doc,docx,pdf,xls,xlsx... and some more formats for online "preview".

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