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Project Release Icon not Showing

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Using Delphi Tokyo


When building a Debug Version the Icon set in the Projects Options is correct for the Application Icon

When building the Release Version it is using the Delphi Default Icon as the Application Icon


I created a new project with just 1 form no components and still the same problem


This had been working preciously over last 12 months.


Any help appreciated.

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Some platforms do not allow running applications that do not provide application icons. RAD Studio provides default application icons, so that you can test your application on any platform even if you do not have icons for your application yet. However, before you publish your application you must replace the default RAD Studio icons with custom icons for your application. The following sections explain how to configure your application to use your custom icons.





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Thanks for your Help.

I have selected the icons that I wish to use in the Projects/Options 

It has been working for over a year.


If I set to Debug Release, the Icon for the created Debug application is correct.

If I set to Release Release, the Icon for the created Release application is the Default Delphi Icon

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3 hours ago, TLG said:

It has been working for over a year.

There's probably many reasons why it suddenly doesn't work, in previous versions of Delphi when this happened to me it helped just to re-set the icons. So, clear icons to produce default Delphi icons, re-start IDE and set new icons. This usually worked for me, perhaps will for you. too.

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I had this kind of problem.  It is caused by Windows File Explorer having a cache of icons and not updating the cache.  I have checked my icons in the exe with PE Explorer and tried another file manager called Explorer++ and this confirms where the problem is.

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Got here cos of the same issue - this is really annoying 🙂
Solution - paste this into Windows Explorer address bar


Delete iconcache*




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