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Some grep related problems

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1. Is it possible to persistently hide history pane in grep results? I am not sure but I think I remember that some time ago it was possible. Anyway, now (since version 1.3.20) I am not able to achieve that 😕 Deselecting 'View -> History list' checkbox does not work because, from time to time, the pane is showing anyway. Of course, when it happens, the checkbox is checked. I hope I not need to mention that I don't turn on this checkbox myself;)

2. Almost everytime I use grep for searching some (any?) string in all files in project group (maybe it also happens with other settings but I did not check it) I got 'Out of memory' error. The situation happens regardless of whether there is, or not, free memory. Followed grep options are checked: Whole word, Search form files, All file in project group, Parse map file and all options in Delphi Code Content Types and Delphi Code Sections.


Can anyone confirm these problems?


PS. Delphi XE4, GExperts 1.3.21

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Sorry, I currently haven't got the time to check. Your best bet is to file a bug report on sourceforge as described in the FAQ which is pinned to this topic. I will eventually get to look there but probably will have forgotten this post by that time.


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I just tried to reproduce your problems with Delphi 2007 (I haven't got Delphi XE4 on this computer) but hiding the history list worked fine even when restarting the IDE multiple times, and I also didn't get the access violation when searching with the options you listed.

So, without getting any more specific information on when this happens, there is nothing I can do.


For the AV you could try to compile a new DLL and debug the issue yourself.

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