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David Schwartz

how to go to a specific time in a video

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Suppose you have a video and a list of times that identify where specific words or topics appear. 


(Here is an example of what YouTube generates when it transcribes a video you post)


coding significantly the amount of coding you have to create use the grade forms but over the years I've noticed
that the percentage of code that's focused simply on moving data between objects in and out of objects and forms
seems to be growing considerably and this is what I call plumbing code and I
found that the plumbing code now dominates many if not most of the projects I work on especially if they're
not the database aware they're entir or multi-platform you know I just it's time
to tackle the problem so here's my vision this is where I'd like to start
designing apps in Delphi with a diagram of the application alright Delphi is form centric you start out with a form
well this is a look at the whole application of course this just looks


I'd like to basically import this data into a ListView with 2 cols (time, text), allow it to be filtered, then click on a line and have the video start playing at the time indicated.


I'm curious what options are available to do that. I'm sure there are several, but I've never done anything to control videos other than just PLAY, PAUSE, and STOP.


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The details will depend on what video player you are using.

If you're using YouTube, then you can easily discover the format to start a video at a specific time by clicking the Share button and then adding a checkbox to the "Start at ###" box.

For example   https://youtu.be/ORK_Xwpt2B8?t=3 starts at time = 3 seconds. (And, yes, that's me being interviewed about my Delphi spectroscopy software.)

Is that sufficient for your needs?

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Sorry, I was referring to using the VCL's embedded media player to play local video files. (Does it let you play videos on other sites via URLs?)

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