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Two GExperts bugs fixed, 14 to go

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I just fixed two (newly reported) bugs in GExperts:

  1. The Set Tab Order dialog no longer worked in Delphi 6, 7 and 2005. This was due to me adding AlignWithMargins (and the associated Margins property) to the dfm file. This property apparently was introduced in Delphi 2006. Again, this underlines what I mentioned several times: I do not use Delphi < 2007 for anything but testing and fixing bugs GExperts. That’s why glitches like this tend to slip by unnoticed. That’s why I would like people to volunteer for testing the various versions. But apparently nobody can be bothered. Fine by me, but you will have to live with the consequences. I don’t have a QA department.
  2. The extensions to the Uses Clause Manager caused several thousand (small) files to be created in the GExperts configuration directory. This directory is located under AppData\roaming\GExperts which means it will be copied when roaming profiles are enabledin a Windows domain. I didn’t know that anybody still uses roaming profiles since they are usually not worth the trouble, but apparently they are still being used. So I now moved that cache to AppData\local and also added a config option to disable caching altogether.



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And perhaps one more (though tiny):  The very useful Warn Directive tool misses at least one warning.  I found that COMBINING_SIGNED_UNSIGNED64 (1073) is absent.


It might also be useful to have an option in the dialog to show the warning numbers (and perhaps sort on this value).  I find that some numbered warnings have a descriptions which does not match the the name, making them hard to find in the list.   For example the compiler reports "W1036 Variable 'x' might not have been initialized", but needs USED_BEFORE_DEF to suppress this.

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